Indiana Criminal Justice Association Regions

The Indiana Criminal Justice Association enhances the continuum of the criminal justice field in Indiana by focusing on the enrichment of the Criminal Justice Professional and the Criminal Justice System.  The Indiana Criminal Justice Association is divided into three regions.  You are more than welcome to cross over boundary lines and attend any of the three Regional Conferences listed below.  Each Region has a Director who is an ICJA Board Member.  The Central Region is the only Region this year 2018 that will be up for election in October.  If interested in volunteering your time with a Region, contact the respective Director listed below.

ICJA 2018 Awards Application                due by August 20, 2018

ICJA 2018 Scholarship application         due by September 5, 2018

ACA /ICJA  Membership Application     submit today

2018 ICJA Board Member Nomination Form     due by June 30, 2018

 NORTHERN REGION      2018-2019 Director: Donna Carneygee


ICJA 2018 Northern Region Conference Registration

Location:   Blue Chip Hotel and Spa, Michigan City, IN

Northern Region Conference Workshop Summary coming soon


CENTRAL REGION        2018 Director: Shannon Bowling


June 19, 2018  KEYNOTE and WORKSHOPS:  (CEU/ILEA/IACCADA applied)

KEYNOTE:     Tim Ryan, nationally acclaimed drug addiction speaker, A&E’s “Dope Man,” and thought leader on the opioid epidemic will be the Keynote for the Central Region Conference on June 19, 2018.  He will share his message of drug prevention and recovery. 

1.)    IDOC:    “Evidence-Based Practices When Supervising Sex Offenders
2.)   NAMI:    “Communicating in a Crisis”
3.)   Recovery Works:   “Recovery Works”

Location:     IDOC-IGCS, 402 W. Washington St.   Indianapolis IN

Entrance doors to building will not open till 7am

 2018 ICJA Central Region Conference Registration

       2018 ICJA Central Region Conference Agenda

Central Region Conference Workshop Summary coming soon


SOUTHERN REGION       2018-2019 Director: Dr. Nelson Jose Tiburcio


            2018 ICJA Southern Registration Form

“Talking the Talk: Teaching Verbal Skills                                                                                   to Address Mental Health and Addiction” 

June 15, 2018  Workshops:  (Four hours CEU/ILEA/IACAADA applied)

1.) Case Planning: Asking the Tough Questions 

2.) Criminal Thinking: What to Say Back 

3.)  NAMI: CIT, Communicating in a Crisis, De-escalation Verbal Skills

Southern Region Conference Registration Form and Agenda coming soon

Southern Region Conference Workshop Summary coming soon

Location:   Sherwood Oaks Christian Church,  2700 E Rogers Rd,  Bloomington, IN  47401

Doors open 8:30 am for attendees.